Foil types / data sheets

Films from secondary raw materials

One thing in advance ...

... technical films made from secondary raw materials are not "cheap and inferior recycled films", and projects in this regard are not a continuation of habitual thought patterns.
Rather, it is a matter of gradually moving away from a linear economy with all its mountains of waste, toward closed-loop thinking and the view that "waste" can in many cases be valuable raw materials again. This requires a completely new mindset. It is about looking at the entire value chain and the entire product life cycle.

It is also sometimes a matter of contrasting what circularity requires with previous product properties and asking whether, on closer examination, these properties are not sometimes believed to be necessary properties which, in the end, do not bring any really significant use in the application and, from today's point of view, are no longer sustainable in the light of the necessary circularity thinking.

As plastic solution finders, we are used to ambiguous and contradictory tasks. A good prerequisite for the characteristics of closed-loop projects, we think.