Foil types / data sheets

Polycarbonate films

Possible applications

One main area of application is deep drawing. Here we ourselves can look back on many years of experience in the production of blister belts and thus in the production of packaging. However, that is by no means all - the other areas of application are very diverse. Here are just a few examples:

  • Rotational molds for chocolate products
  • Most different die cut foil parts
  • Vessel for wonderful glowing tea lights

In the field of highly transparent designs, plastic films made of polycarbonate have established themselves as glass substitutes. Above all, the high resistance and impact strength lead to significant advantages in the application. For all applications, Filzwieser products can be supplied as rolls, but also as sheets.
The high temperature resistance compared to other standard thermoplastics also leads to many other possible areas of application, such as matrices in coating processes.

Essential properties

Polycarbonate film is a versatile and flexible material and thus the basis for many brilliant solutions - So it just fits us! Especially in the field of film extrusion, polycarbonate has been indispensable for many years due to its special properties in a wide variety of applications:

  • In highly transparent, but also colored version possible
  • Surface available in smooth/smooth, but also smooth/matt
  • Highest quality for demanding thermoforming applications
  • Extremely durable / impact resistant / UV resistant
  • Good scratch resistance
  • Good chemical resistance