We don't want to simply buy KU raw materials or machinery and factory equipment.

We ourselves no longer have hierarchies and meet on an equal footing on the basis of personal responsibility and self-organization. With customers, we are also striving for a new quality of encounter characterized by openness and the joint development of potential. This is exactly what we would also like to see in our value-added partners. We do not want to continually change our value-added partners based on the cheapest price. Instead, we expect a continuous, fair and competitive pricing policy without having to constantly engage in the tactical price discussions that are often the norm. In addition, security of supply and a sustainable mindset in the broadest sense are of course very important to us. The latter is also reflected in the product range policy, for example. For example, a raw material that has been qualified at great expense by our customers and is unexpectedly withdrawn from the range at short notice generates an enormous and avoidable amount of work on both sides.

As a plastic solution finder, we want to expect brilliant solutions for our customers. This includes thinking in terms of alternatives. Diversity is a good prerequisite for this. Therefore, we would like you to support us with your knowledge, your perspectives and ideas.
The transformation will probably also significantly change the world of plastics in the next few years. The main drivers behind this will be the circular economy and the legal framework planned behind it, but presumably also changing consumer behavior. Many things may no longer be predictable as they used to be. It is important to perceive signals and find answers to them. Therefore, we would also consider it valuable if you regularly inform us about fundamental changes in the commodity markets. Together, we can then find answers to developments.

To give you a first impression of where our procurement focus lies, we have compiled the following overview:

" ... a new quality of encounter in the value chain".

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Demand in to

up to 50 tons - small 50 - 100 tons - medium over 100 tons - large

ABS - medium
ASA - medium
Masterbatches - small
PA - medium
PBT - small
PC - medium
Conductive materials - large PE - small
PET - large
POM - large
PP - large
PS - large
TPU - small

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Procurement raw materials foil

Jan Hornbachner

Jan Hornbachner

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Procurement raw materials injection molding

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Fabian Oberbramberger

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