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"What you should know about us as plastic injection molders ...."

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"But if you're looking for someone who thinks in alternatives when it comes to your job, someone who listens to you, someone who asks questions ... and someone who might inspire you with their very different company culture ... and people you just like to deal with and find appreciation, reliability and trust ... then we should get to know each other in person and see how well we fit together"

... we could tell that we have 23 machines with clamping force from 25 tons up to 300 tons ...

... but you will find someone who has more or less, bigger or smaller machines, if you look for them specifically.

... we could also say, we accompany you from the idea, no matter whether this is only in head, or already manifests itself in a concrete drawing, up to the series and we produce the tool in our own tool shop, in which we also produce contract tools, or we also have a lot of experience in the implementation of assembly groups ...

... but others do that too

... we could also tell that we are very innovative and can offer very competitive prices ...

... but we don't do that, because everyone says they are innovative without providing any concrete proof, and you will always find someone who is just cheaper if that is your most important criterion.

Spulen Industrietechnik Filzwieser

KU coils for SMT electronic components

Diversity is not only a topic for us in the organization, but we also cover diversity within our product range of KU coils for SMT electronic components. Diversity in geometry ... Diameters from 180 to 560 mm, widths from 8 to 120 mm, one-two or three-piece systems ... or variety in the material used, ranging from standard raw materials to predominantly antistatic or conductive materials.

By using postconsumer secondary raw materials for a large part of the product range, we have a resource-saving solution for a plastic product that is important for an efficient assembly process but still has a comparatively short service life for a KU product.

Reliability in this case is based to a large extent on experience. For more than 25 years we have been a partner of well-known electronic component manufacturers. At first glance, such a coil may seem trivial, but a closer look and an understanding of the processes involved reveal just how many things are involved.

We have a wide range of standard coils. But even if you need an individual solution, you are in good hands with us.

"SMT coils - proven for many years, and made from secondary raw materials".

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Jan Hornbachner

Jan Hornbachner

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Invitation to another form of cooperation

Have you ever thought about whether a different form of cooperation than the one that puts competition in the foreground might make more sense? A cooperation that is not oriented on how the individual can gain the most advantages for himself, but in which it is a matter of achieving the best for both together.

The focus is on the joint development of potential. Corporate boundaries are becoming blurred in the process. Knowledge, experiences, ideas and feelings are shared and together they create a greater whole. Prices and costs, as well as possibilities to influence them positively, are discussed openly. What was previously a final number on the quote now becomes an understanding of how costs of a product are made up and what is involved.

We are all in a great turning point of time. The tasks and problems are numerous and very demanding ... with old competitive thinking they can be solved less and less ... Diversity that is allowed to work and the development of potential are by far the better answer. We are deeply convinced of this. Mutual trust and appreciation are the basic prerequisites for this. Being able to rely on someone and feeling good are the rewards.

If these lines have whetted your appetite for a different way of finding solutions and dealing with each other, then let's philosophize about it more conreterly and see what we can move together.

Neue Formen Der Zusammenarbeit

"No competition - joint development of potential".

"Realized injection molding project examples"

Bosch Rexroth Converter System

Bosch Rexroth - Vario Flow conveyor chains

Conveyor technology from FILZWIESER is in use worldwide. Because we don't just supply high-quality plastic components, but sophisticated project management: from the development and production of injection molds, assembly automation, the manufacture of plastic elements to assembly. We offer maximum reliability and wear resistance, standard or special elements, special material selection, intelligent 2-K production for special elements in small quantities. Always integrated into a customer-specific logistics concept. Everything flows.

Lösungen von Industrietechnikfilzwieser bei dem Unternehmen DOKA

Doka - thinking of the construction site as a whole

Doka thinks not just in terms of products, but in terms of construction processes. Components made of plastic play an important role here ... whether as a connecting handle as shown, or for example so-called refurbishment plates which are used for the efficient repair of formwork elements.

Verschiedene Pipelife GasStopper

Pipelife - Gas Stop

Pipelife Gas-StopTM is a quick-acting valve that is installed in gas connection and distribution lines. If a gas line is damaged, e.g. in the course of construction work, the Pipelife Gas-StopTM closes within fractions of a second and thus prevents gas from escaping.

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