Foil types / data sheets

Polyethylene film

Possible applications

No film is as demanding as TPU film (thermoplastic polyurethane). The perfect task for Filzwieser. Challenging in processing, very versatile in application. Whether aromatic or aliphatic, soft or hard, flame retardant or specially adapted to your needs.

If our current range does not fit your requirements, we will be happy to develop your film according to your individual needs.

Essential properties

Through close cooperation with raw material manufacturers and partners along the entire value chain, we achieve optimum results: very good chemical resistance, high durability and very good scratch resistance. TPU, diverse and challenging. A material that makes the heart of every developer beat faster.
By the way: In contrast to others, we can extrude this film comparatively thin - so 0.200 mm and thinner (depending on the framework conditions) can also be implemented.