Working at FILZWIESER.

The possibilities to work at FILZWIESER are as versatile as the things that can be made out of plastics. Whether with injection moulding, foil extrusion or at the toolshop - product optimisation and new ideas always start with the right question:

When is plastics more suitable than other raw materials? How can one deploy plastics more economically or when can one even do without? For which other applications can established Filzwieser-products also be used?

People who leave entrenched paths behind and want to rethink plastics are very welcome with us – regardless of their personal or technical background.

  • emotional mavericks
  • creative "collectors of knowledge"
  • brave "over the border thinkers"
  • down to earth masterminds
  • passionate thinkers
  • hearty rethinkers
  • courious "with the heart thinkers"
  • fastidious team thinkers
  • structured followers
  • persistent contemplators
  • humorous freethinkers

How do you rethink plastics?