Together we are strong.

Mavericks, honest people, smart minds, cohesive people, idea finders, followers, sympathizers, anticipators, tinkerers, craftsmen, idealists, freethinkers, detail lovers, long-distance runners, nice people, amazing characters, meat and potatoes men, jesters, fine chaps, people of knowledge, implementers, Gaflenzer, cosmopolitans.

Steady characters who live the "RETHINKING" philosophy with diligence, creativity and community spirit - this is the FILZWIESER team. These men and women give energy to the company, they are its heart and soul. With their individual abilities and strength they create new things - day by day. For that they earn RESPECT.

As important as the employees are our customers, suppliers and business partners, who enable and back up new things with their openness and trust. Together we know that there are things which are beyond our imagination. We only have to dare to see them.